Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers, also known as Injectable Dermal Filler, revolutionized non- surgical treatments in reducing facial lines and revitalizing facial profile.
Naturally, subcutaneous fat degenerates allowing facial muscles to migrate closer to the skin level. This results in prominent smile lines and crow’s feet (lines emanating from the corner of your eyes). The nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), lips, chin and cheeks are the most common areas being treated with Dermal Fillers. Nose or temples are not a good candidate to receive dermal fillers.
  • Revive Facial Balance

Our specialist focuses on blending the transformation with your natural facial features.

  • Build Up and Restore Volume and Fullness

There is loss in natural volume and fullness as we age. Thus, more defined chin, lips, cheeks and jawline can be attributed to Dermal Fillers.

  • Hydrate the Skin

Fillers help in increasing hyaluronic acid in the skin, making it hydrated with a youthful glow.

Is it painful to undergo this procedure?

This will be a case-to-case scenario as it depends on the pain threshold of an individual. But don’t worry as a topical cream will be applied. In addition, some fillers contain local anaesthetic ingredients that will make the treatment bearable for the patient. Fillers are administered through injections so you might experience minimal discomfort.

Is this procedure indicated for you?

You may be considered as a good candidate for this procedure if you are physically healthy (preferably no underlying medical condition). Better results will be noticed if you are a non- smoker. And if you are motivated to obtain a clean skin health and positive outlook then this procedure may be considered on you.

Instant results can be seen after a single treatment and it can last for up to 6 months. Effects are not permanent but long-lasting. This will depend on the thickness of product, brand, areas to be treated, and physiologic factor of the patient.

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