PDO Thread Lift Procedure

How does a thread lift works
PDO Thread lift is far more different from the conventional facelift as it is a non-invasive facelift. Anesthesia, incision, and even post- procedure recovery are not involved. PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are being used and inserted under the skin with a needle. PDO are biocompatible materials and authorized by FDA to be used in procedures. Thus, it is safe.
In this procedure, expect skin tightening when threads are attached via graspers or cones then sutured in place to firmly hold sagging skin. In addition, this method promotes natural healing response of the body and directs allocation of collagen treated areas. Repeated deposition of collagen revitalizes skin making it more elastic.
Is this procedure indicated for you

The answer: It depends. The attending physician must physically check on you first so she can diagnose and explain the procedure thoroughly. By doing this, patients will be fully informed especially if they have underlying medical conditions or special concerns. But in general, this procedure can be performed to patients between 30 to early 50 years of age.

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